Kiyomizu Junsei Okabeya(清水順正おかべ家)

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Name Kiyomizu Junsei Okabeya(清水順正おかべ家)
Type Japanese cuisine(Tofu cuisine)
Category “MUSLIM FRIENDLY” by Kyoto Council For Sharia and Halal Affairs
Owner Japanese (non-muslim)
Staff Japanese (non-muslim)
Foods Halal
Seasoning Halal
Alcohol Served
Language Japanese, English
Address Kiyomizudera Monzen, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto ( MAP )
Access 3 Minute Walk from Kiyomizudera-Temple
8 Minute Walk from GOJOZAKA (Bus)
Tel +81-(0)75-213-2995
Open 10:30~17:00
Close (No scheduled holidays)
URL 清水順正おかべ家(Japanese)
Notes *Reservation is requested by the previous day.

 The review of  Okabeya

 by Nadya Azzahra

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I knew that Kyoto is very famous with its yudofu or boiled tofu.
As tofu is made from soybean, so I think it is already halal.
However, when serving yudofu, Japanese using mirin/alcohol for seasoning which we (Muslims) cannot consume.
But, Junsei Okabe-ya provides halal yudofu which is very safe for Muslim as they do not use mirin.
Don’t worry about the taste, there is no different from the original ones.
There are various kind of tofu and also another menu such as tempura etc.
It was so delicious! The tofu was very delicate and halal soysauce has ‘yasashii aji’ o friendly taste which represent Japanese friendliness.
I really appreciate how Japanese concern to the Muslim tourists, it is Japanese omotenashi that welcome Muslims and make us feel safe and enjoy the food without any hesitation.